Interview: Friction Farm

Christine & Aidan at the Library

Christine Stay and Aidan Quinn in the back cover photo of the album “I Read Your Book”

I sat down with acoustic duo Friction Farm at a Rocco’s Tacos on February 2nd, 2014, Super Bowl Sunday, just prior to a gig the group was playing at the Boca Raton library. We were there for guacamole, margaritas and a conversation about the group’s current release at the time, I Read Your Book.  While the discussion mainly centered on specific tracks from that album, it often progressed into a more general talk about certain themes embodied in the songs such as politics, religion, the environment, creativity, books and who has the say in what Friction Farm lyrics say. Not to mention the mysterious Laundry Cycle…

The interview lasted nearly eighteen minutes and yielded 3,000 words, which are transcribed below in three parts:

Part I

Part II

Part III



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