Why We Write [Intro, Inaugral Issue]

Just what the Internet needs, another music news website, right? So why should you, the busy music fan stop to read the articles here over say, those in Rolling Stone and Q? Well, thankfully the music biz is big enough for all of us, so you can think of this as my humble attempt to shed some light on a few remote corners of the galaxy that the Imperial forces don’t usually getto. So while I won’t limit this site to coverage of Florida bands, I also won’t waste a lot of bytes on stories being covered to death elsewhere — unless I feel like it, of course, since I am master of my own domain, after all…

Type M wasn’t my first choice for a name — this being the Internet, all the good addresses are taken — but in retrospect it seems like the right one. Just as Type A personalities tends towards perfectionism, and Type T personalities are thrill-seekers, Type M is my self-coined label to describe my innate need to be involved in music on multiple levels. In other words, music is in my blood, and lately my my work in the service of other editors has done little to satisfy my cravings. So hopefully I can do a good enough job in my self-appointed new role to make you want to come back and check out future editions of this site. And since Time Magazine just named You 2006 Person of the Year  for making the Web into a group effort, I look forward to getting your feedback on the articles you read here. Even if we disagree on matters of taste, I believe we can start with a mutual love of music and take things from there. So in the immortal words of Ric Ocasek, “let’s go”…


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